Ali Baba proposes death penalty for fake drugs producers

Popular comedian, Atuyota Akporobomeriere, alias Ali Baba has proposed that government should consider death penalty as a punishment for manufacturers and distributors of fake and substandard drugs in Nigeria

fake-drugs2Disheartened by a picture of a fake drug he shared on his Instagram page, which stated the product’s  manufactured date as April, 2016,  an undue date, Ali Baba reacted to so many other unwholesome practices bedeviling the health sector saying offenders should not go unpunished.

He lamented that Nigerians would rather expend their time and energy on  wrong issues while ignoring important life-threatening problems in the country.

“We go on like nothing is wrong. Prof Dora Akinyuli fought them to a standstill. Nearly lost her life because of the fight. If you ask me, some people who get caught selling these things should not be treated with kid’s gloves. This is not like selling fake slippers or jeans. This is threat to life. It’s like armed robbery. Hang the bastards and their foot soldiers!!!

” This is one of those things that we just ignore and when people begin to die, all you hear is “brief illness.” Are you surprised? When we allowed briefcase pharmaceutical companies to rob the unsuspecting public and cause the death of millions.

This will not make headlines. No. That is not important. It’s not sensational enough. It’s whether someone’s husband impregnated another lady, or the color of a dress that is purple, blue or black, or Psquare is all squared, or that the dress one person wore to an award was a no no or on point, or one lady broke up with her husband and they are both talking trash about each other! ”

The things that should matter to us are not. The things that shouldn’t even be in our top issues of discussion, become the main trending topic. Some people should be sitting in jails now, cooling their heels, with all their earthly possessions taken off then.But yet, we are thinking of whether one guy’s career is fading or blowing.

“Artistes spend  millions on their creative works only for their sweat and investment to be pirated and we treat it like it is not an economic crime. If the artiste does not get back the money invested, how will the same get out the next job? And the picture here is even more serious because it involves lives! How did we get here? How did our security agencies get to a point of living up to why they are security agencies in the first place?” He ended

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