Entrepreneurship is solution for unemployment – SBN

A member of the House of Representatives, Ghana, Honourable Mohammed Salisu Bamba in Lagos, stated that the singular solution to the plaque of joblessness ravaging youths in Africa subregion is entrepreneurship.
Bamba who spoke during the official launch of Lagos chapter of Sterling Business Network in Lagos where over 200 people were in attendance lamented rate of unemployment among youths. ”The biggest challenge we are facing in the sub region is basically unemployment. Everybody is looking up to the politician for a solution and as young politician, I know we cannot.”
Canvassing for self reliance among youth, he urged stakeholders in education sector to discourage the notion in students that the sole purpose of education is to be employed by someone.
Vowing to take SBN to Ghana before the last quarter of the year, he said: “It is disheartening to note that if you come to Ghana, you will see associations like; Unemployed Graduates Association, Masters Holders Association and Masters Holders and Job Seekers Associations.”
He words: “Youth empowerment and how to network was why I left my legislative work and came to Nigeria because I am passionate about youth empowerment. Life is all about determination, once you have determined to do a thing, definitely, you can achieve it.
“Few weeks ago, we passed a law in Ghana on how to empower the youths, specifically in area of finance. But as as a young politician, I know we cannot do much. It is important we start thinking of how to network or an organization that can assist in that direction, instead of waiting for the government or the state to do something about the youth.

“When I heard about SBN, I said it is a good thing, because it is a means to empower the youths and also network with professionals. The biggest challenge we are faced world over is to find a network. Looking at the calibre of people sitting in this meeting today, we have lawyers, economists, doctors, media men. Miners and all kinds of professionals.

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