3 Ways Social Media Has Affected Our Society

People have enthusiastically been using the Network since late 1980-s. It was just a matter of time when the first dating service would appear. People have been obsessed with it through the 90-s and up till now. Of course, online dating itself has metamorphosed. The most popular form of modern online meetings is dating applications. Developers have created numerous apps for different kinds of
target audiences.

By far, this industry has strongly influenced contemporary society. We accomplished our thoughts with the knowledge of girls from Ru Brides – Online Russian dating service to figure out several changes brought by the concept of online dating.

Welcom to NIS, here we are not to judge people, therefore, we are going to include both positive and negative effects.

1. Online dating gives an opportunity to socialize. The modern world is characterized by increased mobility and swiftness of expansion. People unable to adapt oncoming tendencies have always existed – they are just not designed for this. By all means, online dating services along with social networks give such personalities a great chance to become socialized. However, it also involves horrifying addictions and changed states of mind. For instance, some people develop the addiction for Internet communication and stop perceiving real life as something necessary. You can find more information by googling Hikikomori or similar phenomena.

2. Sex has left the zone of privacy and intimacy. Well, this statement is impossible without mentioning that promiscuity and casual sexual interactions were a thing ever since societies in their contemporary form existed (and it’s much more than two thousand years, for sure). However, people preferred to somewhat cover or hide their perversions. No, we are not trying to say that casual sex is something immoral. But there’s nothing healthy about it either. Dating applications and services (especially those specifically created for seeking random sexual partners) make sex permanently accessible. That is, sexual intercourse itself has lost its primordial importance. Consequently, people no longer associate sex with feelings and appreciation. Physical necessities substituted emotions. Just saying, no disapprovals.

3. Alongside with social networks, online dating opens the way for international communication. Globalization is happening, no matter if you support it or deny it. Therefore, international communication becomes extremely significant, and not only on the governmental level. Average citizens frequently look for lovers and dates in foreign countries. In some cases, it is related to poor demographic situations in their countries. Other people are interested in certain nations and their representatives. This process has a positive influence on cultural exchange. In this way, cultures can become richer and more established. Yes, some people may suggest online dating is mostly related to gold- digging. We cannot approve or confute it, but chances are, you would rather meet a decent person.


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