Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Buhari Plans To Islamise Nigeria
President Muhammed Buhari has been accused of trying to islamise Nigeria through the adoption of policies that negate the secular nature of the country
Some Nigerians have raised concerns that there is an attempt by the present administration to Islamize Nigeria in violation of the secular nature of the country.

These concerns were recently expressed by the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) which alleged
that President Muhammadu Buhari is bent on Islamising Nigeria through the adoption of Islamic policies.

The CAN chairman in Ondo state, Reverend John Ayo Oladapo, expressed fears that the build-up of some of the policies of the federal government may result in a full-blown Sharia which Buhari was alleged to have promised Muslims in Nigeria.

According to Reverend Oladapo, some of the pro-Islam policies taken by the Buhari administration so far include the inclusion of Nigeria in the Saudi Arabia military coalition of Muslim/Arab nations which makes Nigeria a satellite state of Saudi

Another issue that has generated fears over the Islamization of Nigeria is the on-going amendment at the National Assembly (NASS) of the Sharia Laws which is seeking to increase in jurisdiction of the Sharia Court of Appeal of the FCT and Sharia Court of the states as it borders on the criminal justice system of the nation.

In reaction to the on-going amendment at NASS, hundreds of protesters under the aegis of the Coalition of Civil Society and Faith Based Organization (CCSFBO) on Tuesday, June 7, staged a protest at the National Assembly over, insisting that alteration of section 262 and 277 of the 1999 Constitution as amended is an attempt at the Islamization of Nigeria.

The protesters who were of both Christian and Muslim faiths warned that a bill which is seeking the increase in jurisdiction of the Sharia Court of Appeal of the FCT and Sharia Court of the states is an attempt to create disunity in Nigeria.

The bill which was sponsored by Hon. Abdullahi Balarabe Salame of Sokoto state has also generated tension from Nigerians from the southern part of the country who see the move as a subtly way of imposing Sharia law on Nigeria.

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