How Nigerian National Assembly Earned N6.78b in One Year - Report

An investigation by Economic Confidential has revealed how Senators and Reps members in the Nigerian House of Assemble earned themselves N6.78b Naira in just a year as Nigerians groan in recession

The report from the investigation shows that the annual Salary for the senate president is N2.84m; deputy senate president N2.30m, while the Speaker of house of Rep takes home 2.74m and his deputy 2.28 every. The basic annual Salary for the senators and Reps members takes home N2.02m and N1.98m respectively.

In addition to the law makers annual earnings they still bag home mind blowing allowances, which includes:
1. Accommodation-200% of their annual salary
2. Vehicle Maintenance - 75%
3. Domestic Staff - 75%
4. Entertainment and Utilities - 30%
5. Personal Assistant 25%
7. Wardrobe - 25%
8. Newspaper Allowance - 15%
9. Responsibility Allowance 5-10%
6. House maintenance - 5%

The Remuneration packages of the Nigerian Law Makers in compliance with the statutory approval of the Revenue Mobilization, Allocation and Fiscal Commission includes:

Annual salaries, accommodation, vehicle maintenance and fuel, personal assistants, house maintenance, domestic staff, entertainment and utilities allowances. others allowances are; constituency allowance, annual leave, hardship allowance, wardrobe, newspapers and responsibility allowances.

Now you have seen the remuneration of the Nigerian Legislators and how they dodge the the hardship and the recession the country is currently facing, as you can see they also have hardship allowance.

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