Why Nigeria Still Have Bad Leaders

The conditions of Nigerian Roads

Considering the Current economic hardship, inadequate Power supply Poor Infrastructure, failure of our political leaders to put the country in the right position, an angry Nigerian has lashed out the problems of  Nigeria and the way forward towards ensuring a better Nigeria. This Post by a Passionate Nigeria has erupted lot controversy as some blame it to be lack of good will, Patriotism and and leadership  vision. Here is the post by Patrick Mgbemere as it was put up on Facebook.

"The failure of the Govt in Electricity is a pure indication that no Govt from the 1960 till date love Nigeria. If any particular regime has put all their energy in providing uninterrupted power only, it would have been achieved. But instead they divided power sector into chunks and bought it by themselves in the name of privatization. 

Power is the heart of business, heart of industrialization, small scale businesses depend on it, everything runs around electricity. Let me put it straight. Stable power will reduce the too much unnecessary attention on petrol, they all know, but they don't care. 

This govt doesn't care, the past govt doesn't care, the past past govt doesn't care either. The govt doesn't have enough to employ the graduates, individuals are rising to start up companies in small and medium scales but no support from anyone. 

Bank will not give u loan until u use your grand mother's head as collateral. Govt will not provide power, u buy generator, you are ready to buy petrol but its still not available. They want u to refine your own petrol before you function. For the past few days my Generator has refused to work. 

I don't blame it at all, it have paid the price enough. I don't want anyone telling me about APC or PDP....Nigeria is older than these two parties. The problem is simple... We have never had leaders who love Nigeria, Never. Youths need to stop defending any of these politicians. Even if they are from your backyard"...


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