Details of What Went Down at Port Harcourt Entertainers Forum

It was a heavy turnout of all Port Harcourt entertainers yesterday at the former D2D event center in GRA Port Harcourt.  The gathering  was organized by Duncan Mighty (a.k.a Port Harcourt First Son), aimed at breaking the strong hold against the progressive growth of PH Entertainment.

According to the host (Duncan Mighty) he was called by the Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Wike after he watched Duncan Mighty online video crying about the bad situation of the Port Harcourt Entertainment and also calling on the government for their aid. After much talk and plead to the governor, then a consideration was met for his appeal and he was asked by the governor to call all the PH entertainers together and discuss the best way forward.

Then Duncan called all the concerned PH entertainers for a meeting via his Facebook page.
A gathering that lasted over 4hours received a massive show up of PH entertainers of all categories.
At the opening of the meeting Duncan started by saying that the reason why ph songs are not heard is not because PH artiste don’t do good songs but because the media houses don’t air PH song as they do to Lagos’s , even when they are paid to do so. Some artiste narrated their experiences on how they will be asked to pay extra money while some asked them to send recharge card before their song will be aired.
 The Port Harcourt acclaimed first son further said that one of the major reason behind the stunt growth of PH entertainment is disunity, saying that there is no unity amongst ph entertainers.
In a nutshell he highlighted the cardinal reasons for PH Entertainment downfalls, which are:

·         Disunity
·         Lack of Love
·         Foul Play by the Media
·         Lack of Support by Companies

In submission here are his words.
“Disunity and lack of love have succeeded in bringing us to a shallow extent. We have allowed the side effect of flamboyancy to ruin u. The big stars don’t want to help the up-coming once, that’s why Lagos state is doing well in the entertainment biz more than us here in PH, because there is Love and unity among them.
The media Houses like the TV and Radio stations are also not helping matters. Even the multinationals has done little or nothing in supporting PH entertainment and if they continue like this, like I have earlier said, we must force them, because it is our right”.

He also gave a date for sensitization work, which is on Saturday, 25th February 20, 2017 to create awareness about the forum.
Top PH entertainers ranging from comedians, Movie stars and media personalities, like

K=-O Baba
Catro de Comedian
Angel laugh
Naija Mumu
Solo T

Actors/ Actress
Bartholomew Gerald Agu-ugo
Humphrey Igwe
Sandchy Charles  Humphrey, and others also graced the occasion

The Chief Editor of Supreme magazine Mr. Raymond was acknowledged, he gave his support and said he is coming up  with a platform that will train PH artiste who are not meeting up standard.

Finally a name for the forum was announced ………………………………..and the name is…….………………… PORT HARCOURT ENTERTAINMENT FORUM (PHEF), the motto is……Creativity Our Heritage, and the slogan:

PHEF! ____Moving forward
PHEF!!____Creativity Our Heritage
(PHEF  gbo-gbo___gbo-gbo!!!!)  (PHEF gba-gba____ gb- gba!!!)…….Lolz…..just for the fun of it.

As compiled and submitted by Naijainfoshare

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