Flying Bird Allegedly Turns Into an Old Woman This Morning in Port Harcourt

A flying bird alleged transformed into an old woman today  in Port Harcourt. According to the information reaching Naijainfoshare, the incident happened along Agip Junction. The bird allegedly was flying when it got electrocuted and fell. A little boy ran to pick up the bird but it transformed into an old woman. (the real story is probably she's a mentally unstable person)
"This morning along Agip, Port-Harcourt a bird that was flying got electrocuted and fell. The little terrified boy standing behind the signpost rushed to pick the bird and immediately it turned to this wretched horrifying looking dead woman.
Making everyone run (even those shouting the BLOOD OF JESUS).
This incident happened this morning and this story is everywhere in Port Harcourt, it has been confirmed to be real....... so that's the tale in our present world.........

More photos below...

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