Biafrans Day: Some Members of IPOB Donated a Cow They Named "Buhari" to Their Leader, Nnamdi Kanu to Slaughter

According to reports by The BreakingTimes, some members of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) who claimed to be based in Malaysa flew home to donate a live cow allegedly named "Buhari" to their leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, to be killed on 3oth may, the Biafran day.

This is coming after the May 30th Declaration by Biafra agitators as a sit-at-home-day in commemoration of the Biafra Independence Day. The cow which was donated to their leader, kanu, is said to be killed on Biafra day.

The story seen on an online news medium, The BreakingTimes, said that Mr. Kanu “who has received hundreds of important visitors including high-placed politicians since he was released on bail by an Abuja High Court in April, accepted the gift warmly.”

 The reports also claimed that the members named the cow, "Buhari" before donating it to their leader.

see a group photo of the members with their leader
The photo above shows two of the claimed IPOB members who donated the cow standing with Nnamdi Kanu as they pose for a group phograph.

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