The Phrase, “ No Pain, No Gain” is familiar to almost  everyone in this part of the world, when it comes to sharing a success story of ones stupendous achievement.

One of Nigerian Sophisticated Comedian, K O Baba shared his story with some bloggers at a
gathering recently in Eden Kingdom, Port Harcourt on a call to show his appreciation and gratitude to bloggers for promoting his Comedy Brand.

The Comedian told the bloggers how he trekked more than 3 km to perform for free, at event was not even invited, sometimes pay to perform. This he kept doing for about 3 years until he got his first paid show for N 3, 000.
His words:

“Starting as a comedian here in PH City was not rosy, the path was not smooth but I kept on toiling, believing in myself. It might sound funny but it was actually the truth that my first paid show was N 3,000 after I have performed several  of shows for free; sometimes I even pay to perform, trekking from Diobu to Rumuokoro to perform for a show I was not even invited. “

He also said how he has grown now to a bold face in Nigerian Comedy industry. How he worked so hard to set a standard for his ‘Clean and Classy’ comedy brand and now performs million naira shows back to back.

“But now if am discussing a show of hundreds of thousand and the person hangs up the call without conclusion or agreement  I will not call back” (all in laughter) ” not just because am proud or the money is too small but try to protect my stand. Last year December, 2016 I performed series of a million Naira shows back to back.” He said.

In his final words, he appreciated the immense work of bloggers like Naijainfoshare, Mrifeanyisblog, Phcitypromo & others in projecting PH entertainment to the world, stressing that all hands must be on deck to make PH the hub of African Entertainment industry.

He also stretched for more collaboration with bloggers as he sees them as a speaker through which his voice is heard.

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