PIc Slam: Mind Blowing Photo Collections of The Month By i-Pac Pictures

The Nigerian dynamic cinematographer cum photographer Dappa Solomon  (i-pac) has released another amazing photo collections of the month. On this one he exclusively took shots on 5 female models in different location in a self-created classical patterns.

When asked why always putting a creative and exceptional photograph on display, the ladies admired photographer highlighted the dense diversity in photography and his obsessed passion to bring out nature's beauty through photograph

 “The world of Photography is very beautify and wide and i really want people to start appreciating the awesomeness of photography more than i have done before, because this has grown beyond passion, its now a profession even though we don’t have all the professional equipment that is required to bring most of our conceptualized ideas on display’ there is still much we can do with what we have and i promise bringing Amazing Pictures on display while #pitchingNature and it can only get better” he Said

Here are the inspiring photo collections for the month of July shots  by i-pac. They are absolutely mind blowing, you cant just help but go through them over and over again

Happy View...........

i-pac is a talented Nigerian phoographer with style, he can easily be reached on 
social media @ I-Pac Pictures

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