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A Car Wrapped With Artificial Green Grass Was Spotted In Port Harcourt

A car wrapped with artificial green grass was spotted on the street of port. The car which was said to be owned by an artificial grass company in port Harcourt, Frankdona Green Grass was wrapped all covered with an artificial grass got people amazed at the creativity of the company. The beauty of customizing a car is the uniqueness that makes it stand out from other cars as well as the road attention it gets. Instead of this company to make the car look shiny and pearl they found away of making this Benz ride all green with an artificial grass Nigerians who also saw the car were of the view that the car will be scratch-free from some reckless commercial drivers who can't maintain their lane on the road, not only that the owner won't bother of washing the car regularly or color of the car fading. This car is an attractive one and I believe the company with their creativity in customizing anything with an artificial grass for sure is the best artificial company in P