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The Hypocrisy of President Buhari and Elrufai, His Mini Me By Reno Omokri

With President Muhammadu Buhari's lawyer's ₦500,000 'gift' to Justice Adeniyi Ademola while the certificate case was being tried before that judge and with the Secretary to the Government of the Federation's Grasscuttergate scandal, can we all stop pretending and accept that the anti corruption war is dead? I believe I now know the reason why God allowed President Buhari to come back to power. It was to expose him for who he really is. Not a saint, but a hypocrite!

DISCOVER NIGERIA: 5 Causes of Conflict in Nigeria

Eboniyi/Benue Land dispute of June 2012. Credit: Conflict is an aspect of life that is very often avoided for the fear of loss. However, conflict is a part of our human existence. It has been known to bring about all manner of outcomes from food shortages to prosperity; economic recessions to gender equality. Civil conflict has been known to leave people with little or no time to practice farming hence causing food shortages. Countries with large defense industries have been known to make tidy profits from armed conflicts across the world.