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Self-acclaimed Christ who ‘brainwashes followers to abandon their education and abuses them sexually, arrested

A self-acclaimed Christ, Roland Samuel, who reportedly brainwashes his followers; 300L, 400L students in various universities to abandon their education and abuses them sexually, has reportedly been arrested by NSCDC officers.  

Actress Lola Magret Reportedly Arrested For Credit Card Theft In The US

Yoruba actress/producer, Lola Margaret, has reportedly been arrested for credit card theft in the US. According to sources, she is currently being interrogated by the police in Atlanta, Georgia. Lola was reportedly arrested after a huge sum of money was transferred into

How to Start and Hit it Big as a Yahoo Boy

Pure symbol of internet Fraudster After 2016 showed us that recession is actually a word, we want to show you how to make Yahoo money in 2017. Once upon a time, hustle and dedication translated into plenty money. Nowadays, hustle is just another name for hard work, you can ‘hustle’ like a donkey and still go to bed hungrier than when you woke.

Lebanese man dupes Nigerian businessmen of N170m

The suspect had promised the victims that he was going to transfer the Naira equivalent of the money into the their bank accounts. This later turned to be false. A manhunt has been launched to capture a Lebanese man, Aly Sayad, a bureau de change operator who