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Christians Reveal How Muslim Lend Them Hijab To Escape Death By ISIS in Philippine

Muslims are lending terrified Christians hijab veils to help them disguise themselves and escape being killed by Islamic terrorists group, ISIS as they try to escape hostage city. The tale is one of the stories to emerge from the besieged city of Marawi in the Philippines – where there are around 1,500 people trapped by the militants. About 100 people have managed to escape on foot or by risking swimming via a treacherous river.

Baghdad attacks kill 126 people, including 25 children; ISIS claims responsibility

  A suicide car bomb killed 125 people, including 25 children, yesterday Saturday July 2nd, in a busy shopping district in Baghdad, the biggest mass slaughter of civilians in many years. And ISIS has claimed responsibility. Families had gathered in the popular area to break the Ramadan fast and watch the Euro 2016 soccer tournament in a cafe when a suicide car bomb exploded, ripping through a multi-level building that also housed stores and a gym. At least 147 were injured.