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US Will Wipe-Out North Korea Within Minutes if China Did Not Help - Donald Trump

Ahead of the Chinese president Xi Jinping 's state visit to the U.S this April, Donald Trump has issued an ultimatum to China, saying it's either the Asian giant helps the U.S in putting a halt to North Korea's nuclear program or they don't help the U.S at all and if China refuses to, it wouldn't be good for 'anyone'.

Donald Trump praises Saddam Hussein, calls Iraq the 'Harvard for terrorism'

U.S Republican party presumptive Presidential nominee Donald Trump on Tuesday once again expressed his preference for keeping dictators in power in the Middle East. Although Trump acknowledged Saddam was 'a bad guy', he praised him for his efficiency in killing terrorists saying the current Iraq is a 'Harvard for terrorism'. He also said it was better to keep dictators in power in the Middle East.