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Turkey coup: Disturbing picture shows soldiers 'bound naked in courthouse' as Turkish President is warned over 'purges'

Almost 6,000 people have been arrested after Friday night's attempted coup and there are fears over how they could be treated The captured soldiers in a courthouse, Istanbul This disturbing picture shows dozens of Turkish soldiers bound together after being stripped of their uniforms in an Istanbul courthouse. Dozens of soldiers lie naked and handcuffed after being arrested following Friday night's coup attempt in Turkey.

Turkey coup attempt: More Than 6,000 people detained, says minister

Turkey has so far detained 6,000 people over Friday's failed coup, Justice Minister Bekir Bozdag has said. "The clean-up operations are continuing," he told state media, adding that the number of arrests will rise further.

Turkey rounds up coup suspects, detains thousands of judges, plotters

Recap Tayyip Erdogan Turkish authorities rounded up nearly 3,000 suspected military plotters on Saturday and ordered thousands of judges detained after thwarting a coup by rebels using tanks and attack helicopters to try to topple President Tayyip Erdogan.